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    Handsome Analytics

    With this script you can easily build your custom dashboards.

    Grab data from different sources and display beautiful dashboards with many different widget types.

    With Dashy you could visualize and combine all your data from a lot of sources and build a dashboard that helps you to display a combination of site metrics and by using an API you can integrate google analytics and other systems into your dashboard display.

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    Multiple Chart types

    Dashy can display multiple chart types.

    Based on the awesome c3js chart, dashy widgets can display different chart type: actually supported chart types are line, spline, area, bar, step, stacked, pie, gauge, donut, scatter and combination chart.

    You can also display a map chart, based on jvectormap.

    Apart from c3js and jvectormap chart, you can display also simple number as in social widgets that display social share count.

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    Multiple datasource integration

    With Dashy you can retrieve data from different data sources.

    It comes with already embedded a lot of third party integrations.

    You will have alot of widget integrating many service out of the box:

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Adsense
    • Google Search Console
    • Google PageSpeed
    • Moz
    • UptimeRobot
    • Alexa
    • Social shares

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    Develop your custom widget

    Dashy let you develop your custom widgets, extending the already provided widget it's really simple.

    Read the documentation.

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    Don't Wait, Buy It Now

    Build your custom dashboards rapidly.

    Grab your data and display beautiful chart.

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